BurenService The Hague

"I wish everyone to grow old in their own way"

Does this sound like you? You are 75+ and you want to organize your life your own way. You have always fully participated in society and still want to be taken for full, despite the fact that you sometimes need help with something, We are happy to support you in your wish.

Want to decide for yourself how you live your life?

At BurenService, equality and wellbeing is our starting point. You control what happens based on your values. Together we will find a good solution. The role you want to give to your children is up to you. We always find a collaboration model that works for everyone.

With a subscription to BurenService you can organize your life the way you want. We are there when needed. To assist you with a visit to the hospital, cook together or help you with computer problems. No question is too weird for us, we are happy to organize the answers.

If you need personal care at home at some stage, we are there for you also. Our certified caregivers are there to support and guide you, weekly, daily or 24 hours a day. With personal attention and service that is fully tailored to your wishes. If you have a home care organisation helping you out, we add our services to those they deliver. We will always act in consultation with you and your home care supplier to make sure that you can live your live to the fullest.

Would you also like assistance or care at home on your own terms?

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