Our assistants

Our assistants and caregivers

The Team of The Hague is still small, but growing. We are continuously looking for people who share our vision and mission and with the same passion for providing excellent personal assistance at home. As a neighbour, albeit a professional one. Based on equality and the unique person you are. If you believe in the BurenService approach, we would like to get in touch with you! Click here for the vacancy for BurenService assistant. We are always open for talent. Especially if you’re multilingual and speak different languages, besides Dutch.



Your assistant

The first conversation is always with me. I am the ‘’matchmaker’’, so to say. I listen to your story, the needs you have and try to find the wishes behind the ones you express verbally. Are there any hidden desires you might not think possible? You will have to go a long way for us to indicate that something is not possible of too weird for us. We will work with you, based on your personal background, wishes and needs in finding the right person of persons to support you in your independence. The relationship between you and your assistant(s) is a special one. We aim for a click between you and the team that makes our work beautiful and our relationship valuable. That’s what we’re aiming for!

Foto Gregor huisverfraaier


Your DIY assistant – home beautifier

I am Gregor de Graaf and I call myself Home Embellisher. I work from my passion for beautifying and restoring old houses with ‘’tender loving care’’. From painting, to wood repair or to tailor made window sills or closets. I can help you adapt your house to your special wishes. You can contact me!

How can I help you? No job is too small for me: do you need someone to help you hang up a lamp or a fan? I’d be happy to stop by and lend you a hand.

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