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Why BurenService The Hague?

BurenService Den Haag stems from my dream to make elderly care more beautiful. To facilitate to stay at home when you get older in a way that I would like for myself and that I wish everyone. With care that is personal and based on well-being more than care. With a focus on positive health. With you as a person as the centre of attention, not protocols or rules (although we adhere to rules and regulations, of course).

We believe everybody deserves to be seen for the person you are, were and want to stay ofrbecome. With all your unique qualities, interests and manners that make you feel at home in your own home. I wish that for everyone.

BurenService The Hague is based on the warm, personal service of BurenService Hattem, which celebrated its 9th anniversary in 2022. I will take their experience with me to beautiful The Hague. In collaboration with BurenService Nederland, so that we can learn from each other, help and support each other, but always close by and with focus on your local situation.

With small teams, self-managing and with the sincere wish to make aging more beautiful and independent. We believe in a personal click between client and assistant and a long-term relationship. Only then can we offer you the service you need and to which we commit ourselves, based on equality and a positive mindset. We accept difficulties and search for possibilities to overcome then.

Our relationship always starts with an personal conversation. I would be happy to visit you to explore together what your needs are and how we can fulfill them.

With kind regards,

Our starting point is always equality and your happiness.
I wish everyone to grow old in their own way.

What drives me

In recent years I have become more and more involved with care for the elderly, both personally and professionally. Personally because of the informal care for my mother-in-law with Alzheimer’s, followed by the care for my own mother, who suffers from chronic pain due to nerve damage. Professionally, my experience comes from working for Mediq – supplier of medical devices – Nutricia and my volunteer work in the Client Council at WZH and Alzheimer Haaglanden.

My heart – and with it my work – has increasingly shifted to care for the elderly from the vision that things can be done differently, better, and more meaningful. More equal. Without patronage. Due to the person. I want to commit myself to that, with all the passion, energy and creativity I have!

My heart – and thereby my work – has increasingly shifted to care for the elderly based on my vision that things can be done differently, better, and care can be more meaningful. More equal. Without patronage. Doing justice to the person, and his or her personality. I want to commit myself to that, with all the passion, energy and creativity I have in me!
In my view, the system as we have set it up in the Netherlands is a great healthcare system, but also one that has grown into a system of limitations and standards that are not suitable for everyone. We are faced with a continuous lack of time and attention for clients. That must and can be done differently. Our Dutch caregivers also suffer from this development, they often lack time to bring into practice what their heart and mind urges them to do. Resulting in loss of job satisfaction and increasing stress levels. We must be able to do better, for our clients and caregivers!

That is why I started BurenService The Hague; from my dream to make elderly care at home more personal and beautiful, based on the warm, personal care of BurenService Hattem. An approach that inspired me and I also wish for the citizens of The Hague. Monique, who started BurenService Hattem, and I will work in collaboration. Based on the same passion for excellence in elderly care and the sincere wish to make aging more beautiful and independent. Based on equality.

BurenService Den Haag is a social enterprise, where as much of the turnover as possible goes to the people who provide our service to our client. We do not have to get rich, we are transparent about our costs. We want to make the elderly happy and their lives as fulfilling as possible. Supporting people to grow old in a dignified way at home in a pleasant way. That’s why we do what we do!

Who am I in my personal live?

I’m still a little bit in love with our neighbourhood – Scheveningen Statenkwartier. Wonderfully close to the sea, which I adore. I live in an old restored home with my partner Gregor and our cat Haggis, a very funny Scottish Fold. Amazing how much you can care about a cat and how much fun and cosiness he brings to the household 😉.

I love going to the beach and the dunes – to go running along the waterline, which for me is the ultimate way to relax. Or have a drink at the beach in one of the nice pavilions while the sun sinks into the sea (or as Gregor says, watch the earth turns away ). A passion of mine / us is travelling, with our sailboat sea to the UK / France or by plane to special countries to immerse ourselves in a completely different culture and or overwhelming nature. Besides running, I find my peace in Yoga and walking. The latter preferably in the mountains. I also like to read and enjoy film, I love going to the theatre, from comedy to experimental drama, spending times with friends and philosophizing about life with a nice glass of wine.

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