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Assistant BurenService The Hague (The Hague Part-time)

BurenService is now active in The Hague!

BurenService has been active in Zwolle, Hattem and the Veluwe for 9 years now. . Inspired by Monique’s warm service in that part of Holland, it is my dream to offer the same excellent service and sincere commitment to our clients in The Hague.

BurenService is Dutch for Neighbour Service; always close by. At BurenService we guarantee respect, warmth, quality and above all he flexible service where we consider no request as too weird to try and meet. We wish everyone to be able to grow old in a dignified, individual way. In your own home, if that’s what you want. We see you as the individual and unique personality that you are. With your own story, dreams and wishes.

It really bothers me that sometimes older people are patronized or considered as a homogenous group while you are an individual and a full member of society. Everybody deserves to be seen, there is no ‘’one size fits all’’ solution. The reality is that with age it can be nice to get help with certain things. At BurenService The Hague we provide the assistance needed to live the life you want, Under your own direction. We challenge difficulties and look for possibilities, and will help you realizing them.

That is why we do what we do!. Everybody should be able to decide how they want to lead their lives, with a little help and assistance from your ‘’professional neighbour”

Are you our new BurenService assistant?

We are looking for assistants for the new BurenService The Hague – with the primary focus of the Scheveningen – Statenkwartier. We do need you to be flexible in the days and hours you want to work, but will accommodate your wishes as much as possible. Do you have experience in providing service and care to older people? Do you to work in a way that you can give real attention to people?

Do have life experience and a big heart? Are you that warm, committed person who really wants to mean something in changing the way we care for our seniors inThe Hague?

Then we are looking for you!

What will you do?

Our Assistants do everything a son or daughter could do. Think of shopping together, walking in the park, helping with cooking, supporting clients with dementia or simply listen and ‘’be’’ there. Sometimes we are an addition to home care, sometimes you are a domestic help and help with maintaining the house clean and tidy. The actual work you do varies per client. We believe in building a strong relationship with our clients, so you will ideally work for a long(er) time with clients. If needed in a small team to ensure consistency for our clients. In this way you are an important pillar of support and you build up a real bond with your client(s).

Who are you?

✓ You have experience and affinity with the elderly, this may also be personal (informal) experience taking care of family or neighbours.
✓ You respect and embrace the differences in people, you don’t judge others
✓ You examine your own assumptions and do not act out of prejudice towards people
✓ You see and treat each person as a unique individual
✓ You have the will to understand
✓ You have a well-developed empathic ability
✓ You get energy from helping people and making them happy
✓ You assist and support, you don’t take over – you understand the difference between them.
✓ You can deal with resistance and “challenging of misunderstood behaviour”
✓ You have life experience and like to use it in helping others;
✓ You have at least MBO work and thinking level
✓ You speak Dutch, and preferably / English / French / German (depending on client)


✓ You live in The Hague or in the vicinity of The Hague
✓ You are flexible in availability
✓ You are digitally skilled
✓ You are in possession of a driver’s license and car
✓ You are willing to follow an online dementia-friendly training

What do we offer?

A job where you can really dedicate time and attention to your client(s). You become a permanent face with an older person and you can build a relationship of trust with them.

We also offer:
✓ A fair hourly rate, because we believe that the money should end up with the people who need care and the people who provide the care.
✓ Rates starting from 25,- per hour for assistance.
✓ Flexible working hours based on your availability
✓ You will become part of the BurenService team The Hague
✓ Informative employee meetings to share experiences and grow as an Assistant.

If you have the life experience and empathy that are so important for a BurenService Assistant, then I would like to get in touch with you!

Warm regards,

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